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Benefits of install Invints Shopify Trust Badges Application

Increase sales with trust badges

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Promote discounts

Create stunning high-converting banners to promote flash sales and discounts anywhere on your store.

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Boost sales with Shopify trust badges

Increase conversion rate by showing product feature icons and trust badges on your Shopify store!

Popular use cases:

Features Invints Shopify Trust Badges Application

10 high-converting banner templates

Choose from one of our 6 pre-made banner styles that look awesome on any Shopify theme.

Showcase your product features and store guarantees like never before with icons and trust badges.

Elevate your Shopify store’s visual appeal, build trust with your customers and promote discounts!

Many Template Badges, Or Make A New Custom Design To Use.

Create your own trust badge design from scratch to fit your brand perfectly.

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How to add trust badges to shopify product page?

Adding trust badges to your Shopify product page is a breeze with the Invints Trust Badges & Icons app. Just follow these simple steps: create a new product page banner, choose your desired icon, craft an attention-grabbing title, and customize the design to your liking. Once you're satisfied with the design, effortlessly select the products where you want the trust badge to be displayed using the Placement tab.

What are the best trust badges for Shopify?

Here are some commonly recognized and effective trust badges for Shopify: Secure Payment Badges, Trust Seals and Certifications, Social Proof Badges, Money-Back Guarantee, Free Shipping

What is the best trust badges app on Shopify?

Numerous trust badge apps are accessible on the Shopify App Store, each offering unique features and advantages. The "optimal" trust badge app depends on individual requirements and preferences. Nonetheless, we firmly assert that Invints Trust Badges & Icons stands out as the premier choice for Shopify users. With it, you can effortlessly display your product features and store assurances in an unprecedented manner. Plus, it's completely free of charge!

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