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Our recruitment procedure


Send Your CV

Send us your CV and tell us why you want to work with us.


First Contact

Let's talk about your experience and expectations. We do not play scenarios, we just want to see your reaction to most common problems. Let's meet in our office or online!


Expert Interview

You will meet with members of our team. During this interview, you will be able to discuss in detail the test and any other concerns you may have.


Technical Test

We will ask you to appear for a special test to test your skills and performance.


W is the work culture at Invints?

At Invints Infotech, our office culture is laid-back and built on trust, fostering a harmonious environment free from tension and misunderstandings. We encourage open discussions and friendly debates, even during serious work arrangements. Our team isn't afraid to engage in conversations on the wildest topics, including during joint integrations. This inclusive and welcoming atmosphere creates a positive ambiance that enhances our collaborative efforts and overall productivity.

What are the working hours at Invints?

At Invints Infotech, we believe in flexible working hours to accommodate your needs. Our team typically starts between 9:30 and 10:00, and our office is available during those morning hours. We prioritize internal trust, eliminating the need for time-tracking or clocking in and out. We value individuality and freedom in task performance, even when working with large clients. While overtime is rare, it can be compensated with additional time off or included in your salary payment. We strive to create a work environment that respects your time and promotes a healthy work-life balance.

Is your company organising training courses for their employees?

Yes, of course! The type and form of training depend on internal arrangements, plus you can also count on financing individual training. We strongly believe that you will learn the most from working with large clients and from the challenges that await you. In addition to this, you will never walk alone, experienced team members will certainly give you hints!

What are the stages of recruitment at Invints?

We aim to meet the expectations of our candidates by streamlining our recruitment process. To join our team, simply send us an email or fill out the application form, providing your answers to our questions along with your CV and portfolio. If we find your profile promising, we'll assign you a short task to assess your skill level. Next, we'll invite you to our office for a personal meeting, where we can get to know each other better and discuss the terms of collaboration. Once all formalities are completed, a confirmation from you is all that's needed. We'll celebrate with a friendly fist bump and introduce you to the rest of our amazing team.

Does Invints have an overtime policy?

We highly value everyone's time and effort, and we prioritize a balanced work-life approach. Our standard daily work hours are set at 8 hours, allowing our team members to complete their tasks with peace of mind. While overtime is very uncommon, if it does occur, we provide options to compensate it through either taking an extra day off or including it in your salary payment. We believe in fostering a healthy and productive work environment that respects the well-being of our team members.

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