3 simple ways to build an effective Mobile User Interface

The main question arises that how to make a user interface which is effective. There are many different types of users and for each one of them, a separate interface cannot be made. So what should you do to make an interface which is acceptable and liked by the majority? The three major ways to do so are mentioned as follows

1. Highlight the important changes

One of the major significant elements of a good and nice user interface is the clear visibility of the system’s status. All the users must notice urgently that what is going on behind the curtains and that whether their actions have actually led to the expected and predicted results or not. Web applications these days use AJAX, for achieving a more sophisticated and appropriate level of system’s reflectiveness which permits the users to update some portions of a web page at any time. They don’t even have to refresh the whole page. AJAX is bringing the whole new level of responsiveness and the interactivity of web apps which is much closer to desktop-grade applications. However, this dynamic nature does mean that whenever you click on any button, the page does not refresh but something does have to happen.

Use Visible Language

The Visible language refers to all the graphical techniques which are used to communicate the message or the context. This includes:

 Layout: The formats, its proportions, and the grids etc; usually 2-D and 3-D organization

 Typography: The selection of the typefaces and importantly the typesetting, which includes variable and fixed width.

 Color and Texture: The color, texture and light convey some complex information and the pictorial reality

 Imagery: Signs, icons, and the symbols, from the basic photographically real to the end abstract

 Animation: a dynamic or a kinetic display which is very important for the video-related imagery

 Sequencing: An overall and collective approach to the visual storytelling

3. Upgrade the options from the account page Link

If your application is featuring many subscription plans, you have to make sure to remove any previous interface friction for those customers who are deciding to upgrade. Most users try the elementary version of an approperiate application first to get an enhanced sense and know-how of what the application actually is and that what it offers and how it works? If they are convinced of it and the application meets their expectations, they shall consider an upgrading to a more advanced plan. It is the task of designers to make it sure that the transition is as much simple and as much intuitive as possible.


In the light of the above mentioned ways one can successfully build a proper and a sophisticated mobile user interface. This technology is although new and modern but it has a lot of scope. Click here to learn more.