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Clover is a credit card company founded by people who were tired of bureaucracy in the fintech. In short, it's a company aiming to help people succeed financially while building their credit history.

Our experience was brought from the world biggest financial institutions and the most innovative startups to create a product that we’d like to use ourselves. One with cash back and zero fees, available to more people, including those who’ve never had access to credit before. Clover uses data and common sense to give you a smoother credit experience.

App Logo

Clover is serving people and establishing trust with engaging and smooth user experience by means of uniquely designed supermodernist web and mobile banking platform. The goal of the service is to eliminate daily money stress for the community and add gamification aspect into such routine processes as paying transactions, depositing money, making transfers etc.

Our route

Outcrowd has conducted the following steps in order to achieve the goal:

  • Conducted polls among the people who use online banking in their daily life to extract the issues of the existing systems.
  • Made several user testings of the beta version during the project creation (on the group of people who work in the non-financial spheres) to make sure the experience we’ve created is straightforward and easy to understand for average users.
  • Analyzed the UX of banking processes and brainstormed ideas that can enhance the current flows in existing services.
  • Made the cards comparison with other banks.
  • Developed unique branding that reflects the company’s main goals, strategy, and covers audience’s needs.
Bullet Point

Understanding the proper brand strategy is challenging for any business. As part of the brand development, we determined the main goals of the branding.

Layout Rhythm
Logotype. Strength in simplicity

What we did in the first place is the research of the company’s competitors to highlight uniqueness and differentiate. In any way we didn’t try copying what was already done, but the goal was to understand what works and what’s useless. And, this research allowed us to create something brand new and unique.

Logo Type

As a result we combined all together all the suits with the banking theme where each of the suits defines a certain level of the banking card with some privileges. Compared to other banks, the analogue can be a silver, gold or platinum card. Clover has become the ace in the hole as it laid the foundation for the logo.

App Strength

The Clover logo has a mild friendly shape that makes it universal and looking good on various assets of the digital space, for example, in the design of the app icons.

App Phone
A close look at the Clover card

A couple of words about the bank card itself. Nowadays, the most common types of cards are magnetic stripe cards and chip cards. Clover card is a contactless card with an incorporated flush-mounted microprocessor. The absence of data on the credit card allows sustaining minimalistic brand style, but what’s even more important, keeping all the private information secure and inaccessible.

App Card Image
Any good project is the result of a good team

We are very committed to Outcrowd values: fun, freedom, efficiency, team, growth. Having common ground on these, a circle of people who think and create in one chosen way can win the mountain top. This has an impact on the work in general and each project individually. And Clover wasn’t an exception.

Efficiency is one of the core values of our team. It is reflected in a systematic approach, understanding of project participants and a close study of all the elements.

Brand pencil

To build the brand strategy, you always need to follow the client’s requirements, and our team needed to make sure that all the areas of Clover branding will work seamlessly on all platforms and printed materials.

In order for the result to be neat and decent, Outcrowd uses internal system design, which allows standardizing all parts of the design into the organic product. As a result, we created an “adaptable holistic brand” that can fulfill its marketing tasks and keep the high rate of users’ satisfaction. We’ve taken care of all the places where Clover will be used. To ensure this, we developed various layouts for print and digital products.

The main job was to unite all in one style.
App All Screen

Just a few words about the structure. In order to start working on any service you need to gather, document and visualize the entire list of functionality. Everyone knows it. And that’s what we did for Clover. A range of brainstorm sessions, feature lists and the wireframes with defined UX that served as a guiding light through the design phase.


In the early stages of organizing the work on Clover, we already understood the scope of the project.

Indeed, in addition to front-end tasks, online banking included no less than a number of statistical back-end dashboards. Such scope of work required a brilliant organization of the full functionality of the final product, in the form of a structure of the interface presentation and navigation elements, and their interaction with each other.

  • 87
    Landings, pop-ups,
    Web Pages
  • 34
    Increase in P2P transfers
  • 23
    App screens Android & iOS
    Mobile Screens
All the functionality in your pocket!

We have used the power of our experience to make the most convenient mobile application.

It contains the full functionality of the bank without any restrictions and will work both on iOS and Android platforms.

Clover’s mobile functionality contains a selection of banking services, including free money transfers, convenient payment of utility bills, the opportunity to take part in promotional bank offers and receive cashback, control your financial transactions.


Was the Clover project challenging for the team? Indeed. But after any hard work follows a reward. Taking a look back at what was done, we feel that we’re doing everything right. Our success recipe is simple. It lays in the structured approach to all the processes involved in the project creation, friendly team with common values and great experience. Bob’s your uncle!


As the result of the Clover project journey we have a completed pack of the assets for the business: branding, website, mobile app, motion design and printed materials. As a team we’re convinced that those will lead a client to success, provided there will be further support of the project from the side of SEO, Marketing team, and other specialists involved in promotion. Below are just a few numbers related to the work:

  • 87
    Days to complete the project
  • 7
    Team members involved in the creation process
  • 39
    Hours spent on ideation
  • 67
    Draft mockups created
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